LGBTQIA+ Reception, by Wyatt Anians ‘19

The LGBTQIA+ Reception was a casual event for faculty, staff and students to come together and socialize. It was a warm setting and the environment was inclusive. Around the room, conversations circulated from start to finish and you could tell that people were making brand new connections, meeting new people.

President Carlson took a moment to address the crowd, introducing herself as well as the new Dean for Institutional Equity and Inclusion, Miss Lisa Scott. After that, faculty and staff members took turns introducing themselves to the students of the room, knocking down the knowledge barrier of "who exactly are the allies." 

After introductions, conversations continued, laughs were heard and friends were made.

I was so glad to see so many students interact with faculty and staff. It felt like the gathering of community and that our school needed. It truly made me feel like this would be a great year for both members of PRIDE and all LGBTQIA+ folks on campus.