Diversity Council

Diversity Council Responsibilities

  • To act as the main campus voice on issues of diversity, including the status of women and other historically underrepresented groups
  • To support and assist the staff of the Luther Diversity Center
  • To advise and support campus diversity programming, training, and faculty and staff development
  • To serve as an outreach resource to the Decorah community

Diversity Council Membership

  • Three faculty—one member from each division. (Each division will nominate up to three full-time, tenure-line faculty). Nominees will be appointed by the academic dean in consultation with the president.
  • Two students (selected from the diversity representatives to Student Senate)
  • Executive director, Luther Diversity Center
  • Director of Student Services, Luther Diversity Center
  • International Student Coordinator
  • One non-exempt staff member (appointed by the president)
  • Director of Human Resources

Diversity Council Membership 2014-15

  • Angela Kueny
  • Paul Savariappan
  • Thomas Johnson
  • Joan deAlbuquerque
  • Novian Whitsitt
  • Wintlett Taylor-Browne
  • Amy Webber
  • Nana Oma Odame
  • Jesus Lucero 
  • Sheila Radford-Hill