Why We Do What We Do

The Diversity Center works to:

  • Promote a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding of the diverse individuals and groups that make up our campus
  • Strengthen access to multicultural perspectives within the tradition of a liberal arts education
  • Advocate for policies that safeguard the inclusion and participation of all members of the community

The Luther Diversity Center (LDC) envisions a campus strongly committed to access and excellence for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, nationality, citizenship status, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or age. To ensure this, Luther will continue to adopt practices and programs that create a sense of belonging, purpose, and opportunity for all.

In the classroom, the center envisions active engagement in learning about difference through effective teaching that allows students to grow in their sense of social responsibility and cultural appreciation.

Beyond the classroom, the center envisions a campus community in which people from diverse backgrounds can develop their unique contributions to teaching, learning, and service in a climate where all feel valued, respected, and safe.