Disability Services Online Testing Form

Please complete if you have a student who is activated with Disability Services, has given you an updated accommodation letter, AND needs to take an exam in the Student Academic Support Center (SASC).
Your exam can be emailed to [email protected], hand delivered or sent in campus mail to the SASC office.
Students testing in SASC are reminded that they are expected to adhere to Luther's Academic Integrity Policy and the Honor Code while testing. If the student is suspected for violating the Honor Code, SASC will contact the professor to let them know the concern.
Testing rooms ARE NOT monitored by SASC staff. Professors are always welcome to check on their students while they are testing in SASC.
Students are asked to leave their cell phones and smart watches in SASC while testing.

Today's Date (MM,DD,YY)
Student's Name
Title of Course and Course #
Instructor name and phone number to best reach you by during exam.
Your office number and building.
Exam Date (MM, DD, YY)
Exam should be taken by (include date and time).
What if student does not come to SASC at the designated date and time given?
Length of Regular Class Period
Amount of time allowed for exam noted on accommodation letter.
Your student is allowed to use the following during exam
Additional Instructions
How should the completed exam be returned to the instructor?
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