Support Groups

Students can use a variety of resources to help them be successful in college. Luther College Counseling Services is offering virtual support groups for Fall 2020. The following programs are all outreach opportunities and are open to all current students.  You do not need to be a client of Counseling Service or complete a screening appointment to participate. 

Koru: 4 week group to learn and expand your mindfulness practice. 

Changing Minds, Changing Lives: 5 week, 10 session course that builds on student resilience, invites authentic voice, promotes positive engagement and activates self-reflection. 

Transition to College: Support group for students as they adapt to a new environment and new opportunities. 

ADHD Support Group: Group for students with a diagnosis of ADHD to share struggles and successes with executive functioning.

International Student Support Group: A space for international students to support one another in the challenges and joys they experience as international students at Luther. 

Trauma Responsive Yoga: 6 week group to help trauma survivors reconnect with body and mind. Provides relaxation and releases tension stored in our body after trauma occurs. 

Check out Counseling Services' offerings for Fall 2020. 

The Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE) is partnering with Counseling Services to present Workshop Wednesdays, which focus on topics of stress and anxiety.