How the Luther Process Works

To qualify for an accommodation, the disability must significantly interfere with the student’s participation, communication or ability to participate in course assessment such as tests or projects. For example, a student with hand mobility problems may need assistance with note taking and written tests, but not with oral presentations.   

If a student with a disability feels they may need accommodations, the student should register with Disability Services (DS). To register with our office to receive accommodations the student must:

  • Complete the Request for Disability Services online form and submit. Find this on our "Forms for Accommodation Process" button.
  • Secure appropriate documentation of the disability and its impact from appropriate professionals by having provider complete the Documentation of Disability form also found on our "Forms for Accommodation Process."
  • Schedule an appointment with DS before arriving on campus or shortly after. It is always better to have a plan in place before classes begin rather than after concerns occur. If student is newly diagnosed during the academic year, please call and schedule an appointment with DS so accommodations can be put into place as soon as possible.
  • Accommodations will need to be reviewed/renewed each academic semester and January term by making an appointment with DS. After your initial appointment to activate accommodations in DS, if accommodations haven't changed, the student may email the DS coordinator for their accommodation letters.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact DS at (563) 387-1270 or email [email protected]