Request for Housing or Dining Accommodations

Requests for housing or dining accommodations can be made for reasons of disability or health issues. For students currently enrolled, requests for room accommodations should be made prior to April 1 for the upcoming year. For new students, the cut-off date is July 1, although the earlier a request is made the better. For any student requesting off campus housing, the request should be made prior to March 1. 

Requests for special accommodation should be made to the Disability Coordinator in the Student Academic Support Center (SASC). The request process has two required steps.

1. Submission of the request in written form. This should include the reason(s) for the request and the specific needs being requested. For example, a student with mobility issues may need a first floor room and/or a room in a dorm with an elevator.

2. Submission of documentation by an appropriate professional, e.g. physician, supporting the condition being cited for the request and specific support for the request. In cases where there is not necessarily a direct connection between the condition being cited and the request being made, Luther College reserves the right to request further clarification. For example:

  • The condition is allergies and the request is for off campus housing. The professional supporting the request may be asked to provide additional support.
  • The condition is food allergies and the student requests exclusion from the dining program. With the wide variety of dining options available on campus, a listing of specific allergies and an expanded rationale would be helpful.

When the above request and documentation have been received by the SASC, it will be reviewed and a recommendation will be sent either to Student Life for review or directly to Residence Life or Dining. In the case of dining accommodations, the student will be required to meet with the college’s dietitian to review the request and examine alternatives. In all cases, it is the primary goal of Luther College to assure that documented needs are met while keeping the student involved in regular campus life as much as possible.