Requests for Emotional Support Animals

The emotional support animal (ESA) process begins with Disability Services (DS).

Student must first fill out this online form and submit:

A student who has a documented disability, must submit that documentation to (DS) for review. This documentation must show consistent care with provider who can give a diagnosis(es) and be able to validate need for an ESA.

You can submit this documentation to (DS) by fax: 563-387-1411, email: [email protected] or personally bring it to (DS) located at 108C in Preus Library. The provider should use their own letterhead for documentation.

Student will then meet with the DS coordinator to discuss further. Student may be approved or student may need to get more documentation to proceed.

Once approved, the DS coordinator will send a housing request to the Residence Life office where they will have 60 days to provide options to student.

Under no circumstances, can animal be on the Luther College campus until student has been through the entire ESA process with both DS and Residence Life.