Concussion Process for Students

I've Just Been Diagnosed With a Concussion,
Now What?


  • If you are a Luther athlete, an athletic trainer and an athlete doctor will determine return to play and return to academics.
  • The athletic trainer will call or email Student Life and let them know to notify professors that a concussion has been sustained.
  • To receive academic accommodations during the concussion, student needs to visit the Disability Services office in SASC.
  • The athletic trainer will be able to give Disability Services information for the proper academic accommodations.
  • Disability Services then sends out emails to professors with these accommodations each week until student is cleared for academics.


  • If you receive a concussion and are not an athlete, you need to go to Luther Health Service or to another provider to be diagnosed with a concussion.
  • This provider will give Disability Services documentation to show concussion was sustained and possible academic accommodations that could assist you. 
  • The student also needs to come to the Disability Services office in SASC.
  • Disability Services will then send out an email to your professors with accommodations each week until student is cleared for academics.


  • Do get to a doctor that can diagnose the concussion and give further instructions.
  • Do follow the doctor's instructions.
  • Do come into Disability Services to activate the accommodations. You MUST do this.
  • Do keep up communication with professors when feeling up to it.
  • Don't be impatient with resting and taking care of yourself. It can take a few weeks to resolve concussive symptoms.

**Accommodations are not retroactive. This means if you get a concussion and you don't come to Disability Services for 2 weeks, your accommodations would begin on the date you come to Disability Services, not 2 weeks ago.