Local Food on Campus

We work hard to get as many local ingredients locally as possible. Our chefs write menus to take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally in season in the Midwest. We purchase from many local producers and even grow some of our own fresh ingredients!

Luther Gardens

The Cafeteria is proud to serve fresh produce items from our own backyard! Luther College maintains three Residence Hall Gardens, two edible landscapes, and several community gardens around campus throughout the year. Student workers help plant, grow, and harvest a variety of items including carrots, eggplant, leeks, melons, peas, tomatoes, and zucchini. It is because of their hard work and dedication that these gardens have been increasingly successful over the past few years. To learn more, go to: Growing Gardens.

Our Local Providers

Dining Services purchases a variety of food items from local producers, aiming to both reduce our carbon footprint as well as support local farmers. They work hard to make a living and do so through a dedication to stewardship and commitment to quality. Plus, we think their products taste better! Some of the local companies we buy from include:

What is Luther Buying?

It's a good question - which items are Luther specifically buying locally? The Luther College Dining Services has been working hard to increase the amount of local products served at our dining locations. Just recently, we signed an agreement with GROWN Locally to map out how much of each product we will purchase from them in the upcoming year! Check out the sustainable food purchases to see how our progress is.