Bulk Items

The options listed below are items that we stock and have available for bulk orders. If you require specific brands or other items, they may be purchased through our Catering Department. The request must be submitted seven working days in advance of the event with quantities and the meals that will be missed.

All items are purchased by the pound, box, dozen or bulk.  

With all requests of group carry outs we require a department account number (Datatel 15-digit or CBORD) be submitted by the group organizer. In the event that there are meals provided that are unaccounted for this account number may be used to cover the extra expense.

After a request has been submitted the Dining Services Office will be in contact with a link for participating students to fill out giving consent. This form will be shut off 48 business hours prior to meal pick up.

The names given will be blocked out in the cafeteria system so the list must be accurate and complete. If there is a question or dispute, the event coordinator may be billed for excessive food prepared or wasted. If someone has been blocked and they eat in the cafeteria during the missed meal, that student's account will be billed.

Please consider office hours when planning your timeframe. Orders to be picked up Monday or Tuesday MUST be placed by 10am the preceding Friday. Orders to be picked up Wednesday, Thursday or Friday MUST be placed by 10am the preceding Tuesday. Orders to be picked up Saturday or Sunday must be placed by 10am the preceding Thursday.

A carry-out for the last meal served before a break is limited to one sack lunch per individual only. Questions, call x1030 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or email [email protected]

If the options below are not what your group is looking for, please contact Catering at [email protected] to place a custom order.

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Banana ($2.79/dozen)
Apples ($4.41/dozen)
Oranges ($4.64/dozen)
Grapes ($3.48/pound)
Raisins ($2.33/pound)
Yogurt - Plain (12 - 6 oz containers) $11.26
Yogurt - Greek (12 - 5.3 oz containers) $16.29
String Cheese ($2.73/dozen)
Raw Carrots & Celery ($3.01/pound)
Cheese Slices- American ($2.64/pound)
Turkey ($4.48/pound)
Ham ($4.48/pound)
Bagels Plain ($5.64/dozen)
Plain Cream Cheese ($2.94/pound)
Bread - White ($2.42/loaf)
Bread - Wheat ($2.73/loaf)
Bread - White Gluten Free ($6.43/loaf)
Fig Bars ($6.40/box of 16)
Trail Mix ($9.00/box of 12)
Granola ($5.10/pound)
Sunflower Seeds ($4.60/pound)
Pretzels ($4.92/box of 12)
Protein Bars ($16.08/box of 12)
Peanut Butter ($10.93/five lb. container)
Jelly ($6.75/jar)
Uncrustables ($51.55/case of 72)
Granola Bars ($3.90/box of 8)
Plain Chips ($2.87/16 oz. bag)
Fruit Snacks ($6.48/box of 12)
Animal Cracker ($2.35/pound)
Goldfish Cracker ($10.72/container)
Bakery Cookies ($3.61/dozen)
Gatorade Fruit Punch ($25.94/24 pack)
Gatorade Orange ($25.94/24 pack)
Gatorade Blue ($25.94/24 pack)
Chocolate Milk ($25.84/24 pack)
Orange Juice ($25.84/24 pack)
Water ($12.00/24 pack)
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