Payroll Deduction Authorization for Employee Charging

As an employee of Luther College, faculty/staff have access to certain resources, facilities, and services offered through the college. The following services are authorized to be deducted from an employee paycheck by filling out the form to the right.

A) Purchases made by said employee or by family members listed on the form on this page, using their Luther College ID cards as charge cards at the Dahl Centennial Union (the Book Store, Mail Center, Peace Dining Room, Oneota Market, Marty’s, Nordic Brew, and the Cafeteria) or other campus locations (Sunnyside Cafe, Box Office and the Document Center) on the CBORD system.

B) Fines assessed by Preus Library for library materials checked out by employee or by family members listed on the form to the right.

C) Parking or traffic fines assessed to vehicles registered in said employee name at Luther College.

D) Charges at the Health Service incurred by employee or by family members listed on the form to the right.

E) Delinquent travel advances (not accounted for within 90 days from the date of issue) issued to employee.

F) Debts or balances owed by employee to the College not included in A) through E) will be deducted from the May check or earlier if employee leaves employment with the College.

G) The value of any College property that has been issued to employee, that is not returned, or not returned in proper condition, when they leave employment with the College or when the property has been returned.

Please download the form on this page and return to the Dining Services Office to begin charging services.