Meet the Dietitian

Lexi Cournoyer is our District Registered Dietitian providing education and support to 9 accounts in both Minnesota and Iowa. Lexi has a passion for preventative nutrition and focuses on helping students, employees, and the dining services staff develop a positive relationship with food.

She also assists students with dietary restrictions ensuring they receive safe, wholesome, and delicious meals in all of our dining services locations.

  • Her Services Include:
    • Food Allergy Management
    • Special Diet Accommodation Requests
    • Dining Hall Tours
    • Healthy Dorm Room Cooking Demonstrations
    • Nutrition and Wellness Presentations and Programming
    • Sports Nutrition Presentations Education and Nutritional Guidance for College Students
    • Food Sample Events Wellness Fairs
  • Do you have a nutrition or wellness related question? You can contact Lexi at [email protected]