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The age-old question, "What are you going to do with a degree in dance?" If you want to learn about your options post-graduation take a look at the organizations listed below and talk to a faculty member about how you can prepare.

Audition information for productions at Luther can be found on the Theatre/Dance Call Board across from CFA 119 or by talking to a faculty member.

Backstage: A great resource for auditions with a national scope. Posts jobs for actors, dancers, and singers.

Contemporary Performance Network: A social media/organizing network for dancers. Allows performers, scholars, and festivals to come together and collaborate. Has listings for festival and performance auditions.

Dance/NYC: Promotes the art of dance in New York City through research and building the dance community.  Has listings for auditions, choreographer opportunities, and internships.

Dance/USA: Connects dancers to auditions and other opportunities throughout the United States.

Dancing Opportunities: Worldwide listing or dance auditions, workshops, scholarships, and other resources.

Hubbard Street Dance: Posts auditions, classes, and workshops for both contemporary and classical dance the Chicago area.

Playbill: Has an online casting and job section for dance, theatre, or technical aspects.

See Chicago Dance: News about dance performances and opportunities in Chicago. Lists auditions, workshops, classes, and festivals.

StrawHat Auditions: Large combined auditions in New Work City for dancers, actors, and singers– also looks for tech, design, and staff. Summer and year-round work.

Twin Cities Dance News: Variety of dance opportunities in the Twin Cities area. Listing for auditions as well as classes, workshops, fellowships, scholarships, and upcoming performances.