Dancing Professionally

Because of our cutting-edge Movement Fundamentals curriculum, the Luther dance program produces highly sought-after dancers.  Many of our alumni work as professional dancers across the country and around the world.  Some choose to pursue graduate studies and dance, while others go straight into professional work. Several of our alumni have reached out to share their experiences.

Catherine Lewis ’16

The dance program produces incredibly talented and sought-out dance artists. I was selected to be part of the 2016 Florence Summer Dance program at Alambrazo Danza in Florence, Italy. Throughout that summer I saw how Luther dancers are especially skilled in improvisation, weight-sharing, body awareness, and choreography. The Movement Fundamentals curriculum trains dancers as artists rather than imitators. Our students are capable individuals who are able to convey meaning and emotion in incredible ways.

Because of this curriculum Luther dance pieces, such as Body of Water and The Invitation Game, have been invited to be reproduced throughout the Midwest. This provides opportunities for students to perform in new locations and to receive compensation for their skills. This is especially meaningful to me, as I am able to continue performing while pursuing other vocational goals.

Mike Moran ’12

Through Movement Fundamentals, dance at Luther advances beyond other collegiate dance programs. Many programs provide a rigid, bound, and often health-damaging standard of what dance "should look like". At Luther students examine preconceived ideas of body, beauty, and, identity through dance. Students are able to dive deeply into the transformative, whole-bodied learning of the program. Dancers leave the program innovative, healthy, and with unique artistic perspectives.

Jennifer Becker ’10

I have danced in Chicago with three different professional dance companies as well as taught in several elite dance studios. I currently live in the Twin Cities where I dance professionally with Alternative Motion Project. I am also the dance director at Dance-Twirl MN. I am frequently asked to create and head dance programs for charter and public schools. The dance program at Luther prepared me to pursue professional opportunities as a dancer and an educator.