Alumni Profiles

Taja Will '08, Dancer and Choreographer

"I wasn’t taught how to do ‘dance’, I was taught to know my body, to be intentional about how to keep it working efficiently and from there I was able to extend that knowledge into a creative practice, from this program emerges more than a body trained to dance, it trains artists. [Currently] I am based in Minneapolis both performing and teaching, and travel often to teach workshops and perform throughout the U.S. and internationally."

Laurie Meinholz '08, Chiropractor

"As a chiropractor I have patients who have been misusing their bodies for as short as a few hours, up to years and decades. Most likely I can adjust the patient, I can ease their pain, but until the poor posture is corrected the patient will not see as large of improvements as they would if they were moving about their day with better posture and more easeful movement. I hope to give imagery to my patients to think about through the day instead of just saying that they need to “stand up straighter” but to instead tell them to think about rooting through your feet and a string pulling your head up. I believe that this will be a more effective way to get my patients to a full recovery faster."