Dance and Theatre

The dance and theatre programs work together very closely at Luther. Two theatre alumni reflect on the impact the dance program has had on them.

Michael Ehrecke ’15

As a theatre major, I knew cultivating a performative body that was articulate, intuitive, and mesmerizing would be to my advantage. Many of the productions I performed in while at Luther demanded me to develop and differentiate between broad sets of characters. The dance training I received at Luther became integral to my process of building a character from the ground up. The improvisational nature of this program led to discoveries of how one’s emotional trajectory could manifest physically.

The spring semester of my junior year I took Movement Fundamentals II. That course laid the groundwork for my senior project (out)fit, a performance piece that I continue to refine and reshape to this very day. It is no exaggeration to say that I would not be who, what, or where I am today without the invaluable knowledge acquired from the dance program at Luther.

Tim Komatsu ’15

One thing that drew me to Luther was the faculty's belief that threatre and dance are intertwined. The theatre faculty held the dance faculty in the highest regard, and it showed in the instruction. Dance is incorporated into the theatre curriculum, and I felt this incorporation ground me as a performer and made me a stronger actor. Having actors who are physically aware is of the utmost importance to create a fuller, more successful artist.