• 2016 Dance Marathon

    Luther College Dance Marathon raises $53,094.03!

Luther College Dance Marathon

"We are this generation fighting for the next."

Luther College Dance Marathon (LCDM) is a student organization on campus that strives to provide a community of emotional and financial support for the children of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. LCDM is part of larger, national movement, Miracle Network Dance Marathon, centered around the celebration of the lives and struggles of children with serious, and terminal illnesses. Throughout the year each LCDM member gets to know an incredible child (our "miracle kids") while fundraising for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital, a CMN hospital.

The year in activities includes multiple fundraising opportunities, the chance to be apart of a "morale" group that is led by a student captain, and the privilege of meeting and loving these incredible, incredible children. LCDM will culminate on April 8, 2017 with our fourth ever Dance Marathon in the Regents Center, a 12-hour event that is equal parts rave, inspirational talk, and party. It is tradition at these events that attendees do not sit for the entire event, as a sign of solidarity FOR THE KIDS. During the event our CMN kids and their families will present, dance, and play as we celebrate just how far they have come. The event culminates in the final hour with the "big reveal" of our fundraising total. We are excited to announce that our initial fundraising goal is $56,300. We hope to be joined in this goal by 400 Dancers are you up to the challenge?

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Mission Statement

“Luther College Dance Marathon is a community that supports the financial and emotional well-being of local Children’s Miracle Network families, while refining the unique strengths of the student leaders through joyful stewardship and service.”

Upcoming Events

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Apr 8

Mileah & Miranda Gumpert
[email protected]

Entertainment & Logistics
Haley Steffen, Meredith Arpey
[email protected]

Recruitment & Morale
Greta Schmitt, Annie Weinberg
[email protected]

Allison Meier, Michael Hagstrom
[email protected]

Family Relations
Miranda Stark, Emily Chlapik
[email protected]

Lily Brondyke, Allie Martin
[email protected]