Destiny Crider

Destiny Crider is the Manager of the Anthropology Lab and Collections and a professor in the Museum Studies department.

Dr. Crider offers Museum Studies courses every other year. The upcoming schedule of courses are:

  • MUST 120 Introduction to Museum Studies in Fall of 2015 (Tues/Thurs 2:40-4:00 PM)
  • MUST 220 Collections Management in Spring 2016 (Tues/Thurs 2:40-4:00 PM)

She has also taught Directed Reading Topics in Anthropology focused on the "Worldview of the Central Mexican Aztecs," and "Introduction to the Archaeology of the Southwest."

Dr. Crider recently conducted a collaborative research project with Professor Benjamin Moore and Anthropology/Art student Jayne Cole ('14). The research resulted in two conference presentation:

  • Crider, Destiny (2014) Crossing the Lines: Approaches to the study of Mazapan Wavy Line Pottery from Central Mexico. Invited Symposium “Recreating Mesoamerica: Explorations in Experimentation, Innovation, and Interdisciplinary Research”, Breaking Barriers: 47th Annual Chacmool Archaeology Conference , University of Calgary, November 7-9.
  • Crider, Destiny, Ben Moore, Jayne Cole 2014 Experimentation in Ceramic Decorative Technology: The Central Mexican Multi-Prong Brush. Poster Session Mesoamerican Archaeology, Society for American Archaeology 79th Annual Meeting, April 23-27, Austin.

Dr. Crider's research interests includes archaeology of the Americas with particular specialty Mesoamerica and US Southwest. She is a specialist in ceramic and materials analysis, with a recent interest in replicating some aspects in ceramic decorative technologies, and she has authored and co-authored several studies:

  • Stoner, Wesley D., Deborah L. Nichols, Bridget A. Alex, Destiny L. Crider (2015) The Emergence of Early-Middle Formative Exchange Patterns in Mesoamerica: A View from Altica in the Teotihuacan Valley. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 39 (September):19-35
  • Crider, Destiny (2013) Shifting Alliances: Epiclassic and Early Postclassic Interactions at Cerro Portezuelo. Ancient Mesoamerica (24):107-130.
  • Crider, Destiny (2013) Assessing Mexican pottery paint recipes using particle-induced X-ray emission. Open Journal of Archaeometry, Volume 1:e5: 20-25.
  • Simon, Arleyn W., Destiny Crider, Tatsuya Murakami, Barry Wilkens (2013) Arizona Salado Turquoise: source studies with PIXE and XRD. Open Journal of Archaeometry , Volume 1:e10:49-53.
  • Crider, Destiny (2011) Epiclassic and Early Postclassic Interaction in Central Mexico as Evidenced Through Decorated Pottery. PhD dissertation, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University.
  • Crider, Destiny, Deborah L. Nichols, Hector Neff, Michael D. Glascock (2007) In the Aftermath of Teotihuacan: Epiclassic Pottery Production and Distribution in the Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico. Latin American Antiquity 18(2):123-144.
  • Nelson, Ben, and Destiny Crider (2005) "Posibles Pasajes Migratorios en el Norte de México y el Suroeste de Los Estados Unidos Durante el Epiclásico y el Postclásico." In Reacomodos demográficos del Clásico al Posclásico en el centro de México, ed. by Linda Manzanilla, pp. 75-102. Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, UNAM, México, D.F.