Email Project Procedures

The communications/marketing office is available to create and/or assist Luther College offices, departments and groups with the creation of email communications.  These email communications may consist of newsletters, event promotions, announcements, etc.

While our primary focus is to help with communications geared toward off-campus audiences, such as alumni, “friends of…” groups and other contact lists, the communications/marketing office is happy to work with you to compose on-campus email communications as well.

It is important to note that all off-campus communications must at least be approved by the communications/marketing office. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

When preparing to complete the Email Job Submission Form, please consider some of the following points:

  • Timing
    Be prepared to submit all of your text, photos, and any additional contact names and email addresses at least two weeks before you need your email(s) sent. Simple emails may take less time, and may be finished earlier, but if our office has a lengthy queue of projects, we may not be able to address your communication immediately.
    Please give us a heads-up ([email protected], 387-2992) if you are beginning an entirely new email campaign and we will work out a deadline schedule with you.  Ideally, we would like to know about a new campaign three to four weeks before the date that you would like to send the first email.
  • Audience
    Who would you like your communication to reach? If you have already compiled your own contact list, please submit that along with the rest of your materials. Does your audience include alumni, current students, etc.?
    If your group or department is planning on establishing a periodic email campaign, will you want people to have the ability to subscribe to your mailing?
  • Communication Goals
    It’s important to have some basic goals established when creating your communication—this will help drive the tone and look of your email and/or campaign as we go through the creation process. Is your aim to promote an event, share information about recent accomplishments, update people to changes in your group/department, etc.?
    Be especially thoughtful if you have a specific call to action you would like to convey through your communication.
  • To campaign, or not to campaign...
    If you are uncertain whether or not your communication calls for a single email, or a series, please feel free to contact us with questions. If you would prefer to establish a campaign but are concerned about effort involved or any demands on your time, again, please contact us for assistance as you make your decision. The communications/marketing office is happy to work with you through any and all email communication planning and problem solving.
  • Submit your Email Job Request
    Once you’ve finished planning your email communication project, contact the communication/marketing office by completing the Email Job Submission Form. This step is essential as it sends the necessary information to the communications/marketing office, allowing us to manage and complete your project.
    Once you have completed the email job form, a communications/marketing staff member will contact you to begin work on your project.

Relevant Terms:

Campaign: a series of emails sent to the same audience, all carrying similar/connected general content or messaging.

Email: a standalone email, or a specific email within a campaign.

Name: when completing the Email Job Submission Form you will be directed to enter a Name for your email. This is an internal title and should be brief and descriptive of the purpose/content of your email. Recipients of your email communication will not see the Name of your email.

Account: where all of your department’s/group’s past emails, email templates, and contacts are stored. Accounts will only be created for those groups that have large or multiple campaigns, and/or those who have a specific group of contacts to whom they send emails frequently. To ensure security and quality, all accounts will be managed and run by the communications/marketing office; departments/groups will not be given access to their accounts unless decided otherwise.