Release of Information

During the academic year, the Counseling Service is open during weekday business hours and is able to respond to requests for information concerning our clients that have been appropriately authorized by the client. The office is closed from mid-June to mid-August and counselors are not available to respond to information requests during this time. 

For Mental Health or Healthcare Professionals

If you would like information regarding a student who has previously been or is currently a Luther Counseling Service client, mail or fax (563-387-1384) to us a completed Authorization to Release Information. Please also ask the student to contact the Counseling Service at (563) 387-1375 to discuss the release. We will not release any information until we have spoken to the student directly.

For Students

You may print out, complete and sign the Authorization to Release Information form and send or bring it to our office. We will not act on the release until you have spoken directly with your counselor or another counselor in the office.

For Others

If you are currently working with a Luther student who has disclosed that they have received treatment at the Luther College Counseling Service and you believe it would be helpful to your work with the student to receive information about the student's treatment at the Counseling Service, please speak directly to the student about this. Discuss with the student:

  • Why you believe counseling information would be helpful and how you would use it.
  • What kind of information you would like to receive. Options might include appointment attendance; mental health or personal issues that are/were the focus of counseling; the counselor's recommendations for further treatment or support, or other specific information that relates directly to your work with the student.
  • Whether or not you plan to share this requested counseling information with anyone else.

Ask whether the student feels comfortable giving permission for the Counseling Service to share information with you within the parameters you have discussed.

Discuss the duration of time the student is comfortable giving this permission for information sharing.

Based on your discussion, you and the student should then complete the Authorization to Release Information form. The student should bring the completed release to the next appointment with their counselor.

If the student has previously been a client in our office but is not currently seeing a counselor, the student will need to talk directly with their former counselor briefly to discuss the release prior to our sharing information with you.

Please note that if the student is under 18 years of age, some additional steps will be required to release information.