Coloring Pages

Coloring is an excellent source of relaxation and self care. It helps us to be mindful and focus on just one thing. It exercises our creativity by needing to make simple decisions about what color to use and which sections to color in. It is also known that certain choices of color can be an expression of our emotion, so coloring may allow us to work through emotions in an indirect type of way. There are many free coloring pages available for download on internet, but feel free to enjoy these created by Luther students. Fall of 2015 our office had a contest for artwork submitted by Luther students. These images are available for free download for personal use.

Erin Art

1st Place - Erin Runquist '17 - download image

Erika Art

2nd Place - Erika Storvick '16 - download image

Addison Art

3rd Place - Addison Taylor '18 - download image

Savannah Art

Savannah Horn - '17 - download image

Shaunessey Art

Shaunessey Crozier - '19 - download image



Sadie Andersen - '19 - download image