The situations listed below each constitute an emergency in need of immediate intervention. 

During weekday business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), call the Health Service at (563) 387-1045 or the Counseling Service at (563) 387-1375 to get help for your student.

Evenings/nights/weekends or during an academic break, call Campus Security at (563) 387-2111.

Student Emergencies

  • Serious thoughts of suicide; a concrete suicide plan; a suicide attempt. See Suicide Prevention.
  • Serious self-injury (cutting, burning) that requires immediate medical attention.
  • An eating disorder accompanied by any one of the following symptoms: serious dizziness, fainting, throwing up blood, severe abdominal or back pain, chest pain, irregular heart beat, unable to walk unassisted, use of Ipecac. This is a medical emergency. See Eating Disorders.
  • Significantly diminished contact with reality; delusional thoughts; bizarre or disorganized speech or behavior.
  • Serious thoughts, impulses, or concrete plans to do serious physical harm to someone in the near future.
  • A sexual assault that has just occurred. See Resources for Sexual Assault
  • Alcohol poisoning or drug overdose. See Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • A medical emergency of any kind.

Family Emergencies

If there is a death in the family or other family emergency, and you need help informing or supporting your student, contact one of the following resources during weekday office hours:

  • Student Life Office: (563) 387-1020
  • Office of College Ministries: (563) 387-1040
  • Counseling Service: (563) 387-1375

Evenings/nights/weekends or during an academic break, call Campus Security at (563) 387-2111 and they can connect you with the appropriate resource people.