Emergency Reporting

If you believe there is danger of imminent violence, contact Security at (563) 387-2111 and/or call 911. Provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your location
  • The location of the potential perpetrator of violence and the potential target(s), if known.
  • Describe what you have observed as clearly as possible.
  • Do not hang up. Other information may be requested.

Non-Emergency Reporting

If you observe any of the warning signs for violence, but the situation does not appear to be an emergency requiring immediate intervention, please report your observations to one of the following campus offices:

  • Residence Life: Your RA, hall manager, or hall director, or the Director of Residence Life (563-387-1330; weekdays during business hours)
  • Student Life Office: (563) 387-1020; weekdays during business hours
  • Counseling Service: (563) 387-1375; weekdays during business hours
  • Human Resources: When a faculty or staff member exhibits warning signs of violence; (563) 387-1134; weekdays during business hours.
  • Security: (563) 387-2111; available 24-7

No matter which office you contact, be assured that appropriate college staff members will confer about the situation and decide how best to intervene to reduce the risk of harm. The goal of reporting and intervention is the safety of the campus community, including the person who may be at risk of committing violence.


Violence prevention is a responsibility shared by the entire campus community. A code of silence regarding troubling behavior by students, faculty, or staff increases the risk of violence. You will further the goal of campus safety by promptly reporting warning signs for violence.