Escalation Workshop

The Escalation Workshop from the One Love Foundation is a 90 minute workshop consisting of a 40 minute film followed by 40 minutes of discussion and 10 minutes of action planning. The One Love Foundation was formed in honor of Yeardley Love who was murdered in 2010 by her ex-boyfriend to raise awareness of the consequences of relationship violence.

This program is being implemented on campuses across the country and we are one of the first few colleges in Iowa to be offering it. It is tailored to college age students.

The workshop can help students learn to identify warning signs of relationship violence and how they can step in and help. The film provides a powerful example that ignites an pen conversation that many students may not have had with one another before.

This program can be offered to classes, organizations, teams, Residence Hall floors, etc. The program must be delivered in the full 90 minute time frame. It is provided by students/faculty/staff who have went through training with the One Love Foundation. It is offered in collaboration with Counseling Service, Wellness, NASA, Student Life, and Helping Services for Northeast Iowa.

The trailer provides further information on the workshop.

To request a presentation, complete this request form.

Keep in mind the option of utilizing this workshop as an alternative to cancelling class, a meeting, or practice on a week that you would plan to be gone.

We also offer Relationship Abuse Resources. Please keep in mind that many abusive partners check their partner's electronic devices, so if you want to go on a website or call a hotline, you may want to do it from a friend's device or public phone.