Certified Mental Health First Aiders

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Luther College Counseling Service provides Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certification training to any interested Luther employee.  Counselor Stu Johnston is a certified instructor in Adult MHFA, Youth MHFA, and Child MHFA and counselor Bobbi-Jo Molokken is a certified instructor in Adult MHFA. 

Adult Mental Health First Aid certification involves participating in an 8 hour training focused on how to recognize and respond to a mental health crisis.   It teaches how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial help and support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem or experiencing a crisis.

We would like to recognize the following employees who have completed the adult certification program in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Michelle Branton - CAE

Jon Lund - Global Learning

Rachel Brummel - Environmental Studies/Political Science

Jim Greisheier - Emeriti

Beth Lynch -  Biology

Kayla Scholl - Music

Clara Muggli-Toyloy - CIES

Latasha Smith - CIES

Heather Cote- TRIO

Abby Specht - Athletics

Alisa Winsauer- Chemistry

Anne Blocker - Wellness

Carol Johnston - Career Center

Doreen Fullhart - Athletics

Kim Orth - Safety & Secuirty

Krista Holland - CEPE

Loran Storts- Athletics

Nan Hibbs- Student Life

Roman Yasinovskyy - Computer Science

Sara Crose - Career Center

Trent Orth - Safety & Security

Aaron Zander - Athletics

Aidan O'Driscoll - Athletics

Bailey Hanson - Athletics

Chontel Cyfox - Religion

Chris Hale- Music

Deborah Gover- Music

Jakeena McKay - Admissions

Janet Hunter - Student Life

Jeanie Lovell - Development

Miles Clifton - Athletics

Sarah Wennes - Riverview Center (campus advocate)

Tanner Crain - Athletics

Tyler Vaughn - Athletics


We would like to make a special acknowledgement to Athletics and Safety & Security, as these departments have consistently made a commitment to having all employees in their department certified.   Residence Life, who has all Resident Assistants complete training and also to John Lund and Global Studies for consistently requesting training for all staff and faculty who lead trips abroad.