Course Reserves

Materials may be placed on electronic reserve (via KATIE) or physical Course Reserve at Preus Library for use by enrolled students in particular courses. Print reserve check-outs are limited to two hours.

In order to place materials on reserve, faculty members should:

  • Evaluate all materials individually to determine whether use of the item requires permissions from the copyright holder.  In most cases, use of the item is protected by fair use or the TEACH Act. 
  • Limit the amount of material to be placed on reserve to just the portions required for the course.
  • Ensure that all materials carry and display the original copyright notice included with the material.

Preus Library staff may scan copyrighted print materials for placement on KATIE provided the faculty member affirms that doing so is legal under copyright law. In all cases, library scanning will not exceed the guidelines listed below:

  • One article from a issue of a journal or newspaper
  • One chapter from a book
  • An excerpt from a prose work, not to exceed 10 percent of the work
  • One chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture per book or per journal issue

If your desired use exceeds the above guidelines, you may want to consider creating a Coursepack for your course with assistance from the Book Shop staff to obtain copyright permissions.

Contact the Preus Library Circulation Supervisor Eddy Atwell to arrange for print reserves.

If you wish to place non-print copyrighted works on KATIE, see our KATIE and Copyright page.