Copyright and Coursepacks

Coursepacks are defined as collected anthologies of individually published material (usually journal articles and individual chapters from larger works) collected for use in a single course. Traditionally coursepacks have been copied and made available through the Book Shop similar to monographs. As part of the process to prepare a coursepack, copyright permissions are sought and appropriate copyright fees are collected from students as part of the coursepack purchase price. Luther recommends use of coursepacks assembled and provided through the Bookshop as an easy way to deliver content to students while ensuring that all appropriate copyright permissions are acquired and funded by the students using the materials.

Faculty who create coursepacks and customized anthologies for the classroom, if derived from copyrighted materials, must obtain permission either from the copyright owner (usually the publisher) or pay a royalty fee through a vendor, such as the Copyright Clearance Center. Each item in the packet must have copyright permission. Permission needs to be requested each semester the packet is assigned. Questions may be directed to the Director of the Luther Book Shop. Copyright permission requests may be made online using at Some basic guidelines for creating course packs and customized anthologies are as follows:

  • Every chapter and article in a course pack, if taken from copyrighted material, requires permission from the copyright holder.
  • Each item in the course pack must include a note of copyright.
  • Permission needs to be requested for each semester in which the course pack is used.