Copyright in Teaching

In today's hyperlinked world, finding and accessing information for use in the classroom is easier than ever. With online tools like KATIE, Luther's learning management system, it makes it nearly effortless to digitally republish and share material with students. Sharing information in digital form also heightens the importance of ensuring that use of that information is done so in compliance with copyright law.

As educators, sharing and building upon the intellectual property of others is at the core of our business. It is increasingly important that we as educators both share our own creativity through scholarship as well as properly use the intellectual creativity of others. Respecting the copyright ownership of others ensures that others respect our own rights.

Luther College expects all faculty to ensure that all materials (physical and virtual) used in courses are done so in compliance with all federal copyright laws and statutes. Responsibility for clearing copyright for materials in all formats rests with the course instructor. This website provides guides and policies which will assist faculty in making educated decisions regarding their use of copyrighted intellectual property used in the course of their teaching.