Sample Senior Project Titles

25 Past Communication Studies Senior Paper Topics

Hip Hop is Dead: A Rhetorical Analysis of the NBA Dress Code

Cultivation Theory and the Representation of High School Life Within the Laguna Beach TV Show

One is the Loneliest Number: A Qualitative Study of the Communication of Only Children

Tweeting Together: Examining the Potential of Tweets in Restoring Social Capital

The Mystery of Manson: A Generative Criticism of A Cult Leader’s Persuasive Subjectivities

Childhood Friend or Foe: A Narrative Criticism of The Rainbow Fish, The Giving Tree and The Story of Babar

From Material to Kabbalah Girl: A Feminist Critique of Madonna’s New Music Videos Material Girl, Express Yourself and Frozen

Is This What I’m Supposed to Be? A Rhetorical Analysis of Masculinity Using Marxist Theory

Real Beauty? A Look At Dove Advertising with the Agenda Setting Theory

Cultural Adaptation and the American College Student

I’m Color Blind “I’m not Racist, but…” Racist my Ass!

But I’m Still a Woman: An Autoethnographic Account of a Women’s Quest to Have it All.

The Rhetoric of The Cell Phone: How Communication Technology And Advertising Affect Our Connectedness to Society

Believing in Coke: An Ideological Criticism of the Holiday Campaigns

A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Romantic Relationships within Romantic Comedies

Creating A New World Through The Disney Experience

Interracial Relationships: Experiences of a White Female Dating a Black Male.

Google v. China: The Perfect Society Imposed by Media Censorship

An Ideological Criticism of the “Best Rapper Alive” Lil Wayne and His Lyrics

Beyond Celebrity Gossip: An Ideological Criticism of People Magazine

The Ideology of Health: A Rhetorical Criticism of “Quick Fix” Products

Too Cool For You: An Analysis of Fashion and Group Hierarchy Formation