Why Study Computer Science?

The computer science field is creative and rewarding, affecting nearly every part of our lives. Companies that develop computers, medical equipment, aeronautics, publishing and social media software—nearly every industry imaginable—rely on computer scientists to develop solutions to a multitude of challenges.

Computer science is all about problem solving. It requires critical thinking, innovation, and the ability to effectively communicate ideas. An appealing aspect of computer science is that it is always changing, so computer scientists are by necessity lifelong learners.

In addition to being an exciting and ever-changing vocation, computer science-related careers often rank at the top of “most in-demand jobs” lists.

Why Study Computer Science at Luther?

Being a successful computer scientist is a lot more than just writing code all day. Computer scientists need to be broadly educated and have great problem solving skills and be good analytical thinkers. Everyone works in teams and the ability to write and speak well will put a liberal arts computer scientist at the head of the line for promotions.

At Luther, our computer science major is designed to give you a taste of all areas of computer science: Algorithm design and development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Web Development, Operating System Design, Networking, Programming Language Design, and Database Systems are just some of the areas we cover. In addition we offer highly focused skills-based courses to help you sharpen your ability in programming, building web pages, querying databases, and being super efficient with the Linux operating system.

Our alumni are generous and welcoming when it comes to jobs and internships. Want to work at Google? Microsoft? You Tube? Amazon? Epic? As a Luther student you will have the connections! Is a startup more your speed? Meet some great alumni working at startups that will change the world in the years ahead.

Beyond the major, Luther’s liberal arts program will help you grow as a person. Luther’s cross-disciplinary program will equip you with strong communication skills to help you work effectively with teams and clients. You’ll also learn analytical and problem solving skills, and demonstrate ability to apply your knowledge and abilities in real-world settings. In many ways, a liberal arts college is the perfect environment for a computer science program. Computer science is the perfect compliment to whatever else you are interested in pursuing.

Luther Alum Receives Google Fellowship

Sarah McRoberts

Read how Sarah McRoberts '14 has received a 2017 Google Ph.D. Fellowship in Human Computer Interaction.