Public Relations Projects

In keeping with the all-college requirement for Senior Projects, a PR project must be “a culminating, independent experience of the major.” Thus, the student will be responsible for the independent design and completion of the entire project, with faculty and organizational supervisors providing only necessary logistical support, advice and consultation. This project must be arranged in consultation with both the supervising faculty member and with the appropriate officials of the organization with whom the student is working.

A PR senior project is an opportunity to prepare a PR plan for an organization as a PR professional would. The final senior project will have two parts: 1.A complete PR plan with proposed communication products (press releases, social media posts, event descriptions, etc.), and 2. A 3-4 page (double-spaced) reflection on the project incorporating literature and material from communication courses, as well as public relations best practices, that informed the PR plan.

  • Scope – Once selecting a client and obtaining permission to propose a PR plan for them, the project should involve the research, planning, communication, and evaluation phases of a public relations campaign. The project must be original, and should be of sufficient depth to require a significant number of hours of work.
  • Focus – A clear connection between theory and practice must be demonstrated in preparation and analysis of the PR plan. Students involved in a PR project should clearly indicate how application of communication theories or professional practices learned in the classroom were applied in preparation of the PR plan in the 3-4 page reflection submitted.
  • Sources – In order to document the application of theory and professional practice, a bibliography of the various source documents employed must be assembled (course texts, books, journal articles, etc.) and included with the final project.
  • Consultation – Students are expected to meet regularly with the faculty supervisor to discuss the project and the various strategies chosen for its completion.