Media Production Projects

Students may opt to complete a media production project in fulfillment of the Senior Project requirement. Such projects may involve an audio program suitable for radio broadcast, a video, or interactive computer media. A senior media production project is not an internship. In keeping with the all-college requirement for Senior Projects, such a project must be “a culminating, independent experience of the major.” Thus, the student will be responsible for the independent design and completion of the entire project, with faculty and organizational supervisors providing only necessary logistical support, advice and consultation. This project must be arranged in consultation with both the supervising faculty member and, if the production is being created for an office of the college or an off-campus organization, with the appropriate officials of the office or organization. A written contract, spelling out expectations of all parties involved, is highly recommended.

  • Scope - The production must be original, and should be of sufficient depth to require a significant number of hours of effort. All projects are expected to demonstrate the highest level of technical production values attainable with the available equipment.
  • Focus – A clear connection between theory and practice must be demonstrated. Students involved in a production project should keep a contemporaneous journal of their progress which describes each significant decision point in the course of the project and clearly indicates how application of communication theories or professional practices learned in the classroom were applied in making the final decision on how to proceed.
  • Sources – In order to document the application of theory and professional practice, a bibliography of the various source documents employed should be assembled (course texts, books, journal articles, etc.).
  • Consultation – Students are expected to meet regularly with the faculty supervisor to discuss the project and the various strategies chosen for its completion.
  • Documentation – The journal, or a summary document of at least 8 pages (double-spaced), typed in accordance to current APA style guidelines, along with the bibliography, will be submitted in lieu of a senior paper.
  • Media – In addition, a complete copy of the production on appropriate media shall be submitted to the faculty supervisor for evaluation.
  • Presentation – A formal oral presentation to the faculty of the department concerning the project will be required, in addition to a public presentation, broadcast, or demonstration of the finished production.
  • Evaluation – It is expected that productions of this type would be of high enough quality for submission to various collegiate competitions appropriate to the medium. Grading will be based on the clear application of theory and professional practice, as well as on the quality of the completed production.