Graduate Study

Commencement 2015

A high percentage of Luther grads continue on to post-graduate study. These are some of the communication studies majors or minors who have entered graduate programs since 2010.

  • Amber Sorenson '20, Kent State University, MA in Communication Studies

  • Evan Lobdell '20, MA in Communication Studies
  • Erin Halverson '19, MA in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Kristen Carlson '19, University of Minnesota, MA/PhD in Communication Studies
  • Curtis Cook '19 Creighton University, School of Law
  • D.J. Simpson '16, Minnesota State University-Mankato, PhD in Communication Studies
  • Emily Gehlsen '16, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master of Social Work
  • Jordy Barry '15, Rutgers University, MA in International Relations
  • Brianna Clancy '15, University of Oklahoma, Master of Music in Voice/Opera Fellow
  • Nick Rauch '15, Drake University, School of Law
  • Jena Schwake '13, Colorado State University, MA in Communication
  • Sarah Thell '13, St. Catherine University, Master of Library and Information Science
  • Mikaela Belland '12, University of Minnesota, Law School
  • Katrina V. Sikkink '11, St. Catherine University, Master's in Occupational Therapy
  • Susana Hansen '11, Wichita State University, Master of Music in Opera Performance
  • Jill Bohle '10, Washington State University, MA/PhD in Rhetoric
  • Jared Bendel '10, Colorado State University, MA in Communication Studies
  • Sarah Knoploh '10, Saint Louis University, School of Law
  • William Liu '10, Valparaiso University, MA in Photography
  • Heather Lund '10, University of Northern Iowa, MA in Communication Studies
  • Lauren Rauchwarter '10, Clemson University, MA in Communication, Technology & Society