Work-Study & Internships

The Department of Classics makes every effort to encourage students to take advantage of on-campus work-study and off-campus internship opportunities.

The department maintains one work-study position each year. The main area of responsibility is the Luther College Ancient Numismatics Collections, which requires ongoing cataloguing, historical research, exhibit preparation, conservational assessment, and public correspondence. The position is typically granted to students who show interests in pursuing graduate work in Classics or Classical Archaeology.

Our majors are always looking for ways to broaden their horizons outside the bounds of Luther, and we certainly encourage it. Each year our students research and secure off-campus summer or spring-semester internships at various historical, archaeological and anthropological institutes, some in Washington, D.C., others in Europe.

For students interested in participating in an archaeological fieldschool in the Mediterranean region, we strongly recommend the Kenchreai Archaeological Fieldschool, of which Luther College is a sponsor. Scholarships are available. See our Off-Campus Studies page.

For students interested in internships in Classics and related fields, we recommend that you visit our Career Center.

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