Class of 2012 Spring 2019 Letter

Spring 2019

Hey there Class of 2012,

I write to you while mulling over one word…change. I’m even pondering it to the point that I looked up its definition in my Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (true story – a gift as I left for Luther). That eleventh edition beauty defines change as follows:

a.    To make different in some particular

b.    To make radically different

c.    To give a different position, course, or direction to

Anyone else find those definitions shockingly different? The first could mean something as small as storing your car keys on the hook by the door rather than the bowl on the counter. Small? Yes. Insignificant? Maybe. Still a change? Sure! Then you go to the second definition. Bam! Forget storage solutions, friends. Option two seems to imply that change must be transformative or life altering! Then we calm back down with option three. Change is merely something that shifts focus or a path.

My guess is that Luther College prompted some change in each of you. At the very least, it brought us together to this moment in time. With a little digging, I’m sure Luther’s impact was more than that. Think of the friend trips or the business connections that resulted from your time at Luther. Think of the skills you took with you that guided your first steps post college and the many steps we’ve taken in the almost seven (seven!?) years since.  

This past year, my husband and I went the radical change route. We both took a month sabbatical, switched job roles, moved from Wisconsin to Iowa, got married, and bought and renovated a house. Lots. Of. Change. And while Luther may have pointed toward this path, we might be crying in the corner of our new home if Luther hadn’t also give us lessons on how to handle drastic shifts as they come.

Luther itself is consistently experiencing change. President Carlson is set to retire at the end of the 2018-2019. Since our time there, majors have changed, buildings have been renovated, music tour stops have been added, and the football field has even turned bright blue!

And through it all, we’re still here. I hope your changes have been for the better. I hope they bring with them the feelings of accomplishment, transformation, or even resolution. And I hope that the next time we connect, whether on campus or in a letter, we can reminisce of some of the changes we experienced together.

Happy spring, all,

Katie Carnes

2012 Class Agents:

Katie Carnes
1118 W. Willow Street
Cherokee IA 51012
[email protected]

Nick Devine
13475 Guild Avenue
Apple Valley MN 55124-7373
[email protected]

Danielle (Gibbs) Frees
1142 East Bethany Home Rd.
Apt. 31
Phoenix AZ 85014-2239
[email protected]

Mallory Heinzeroth
360 West Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53703-2766
[email protected]


Katie Carnes and Michael Noltner both work in boost services at Epic in Verona, Wis. 

Alex Clark earned a master of divinity degree from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and was ordained at First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, S.D. He was installed as pastor at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Adam Dane is an academic advisor at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Jens Erickson is a health and safety consultant at the Institute for Environmental Assessment in Brooklyn Park, Minn.

Aaron Hoffland is an IT analyst at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Hannah Janaky of Kettering, Ohio, is the youth services assistant at Washington Centerville Public Library.

Jasper Kange of Baltimore, is a graphic designer at 2U.

Paige (Ofstedahl) Knight is a research and policy analyst with New Mexico Voices for Children in Albuquerque.

Dane Larson is senior mortgage consultant at Tradition Mortgage in Lakeville, Minn.

Kim Larson is program manager at Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin in Madison, Wis.

Samuel Libra completed coursework for a doctor of musical arts in organ performance degree at the University of Washington and is associate organist at St. James Cathedral in Seattle.

Allison Schnier is a general music specialist for the Elmbrook School District in Brookfield, Wis.

Collin Schultz earned a doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from A.T. Sill University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Mo.

Katie (Johnston) Vick is senior account credit manager at John Deere Financial in Madison, Wis.

Xiao Xie of Charlotte, N.C., is a quantitative finance analyst at Bank of America.



ALEX CLARK and Kelly Mack, Oct. 8, 2017

IAN FITZGERALD and Nicole Serbus, Sept. 15, 2018

CHRIS HANSON and Audrey Phillips, Sept. 29, 2018

COLLIN SCHULTZ and Haritha Yedla, Sept. 2, 2018


EMILY (BOLAND) '10 and ADAM BOGH welcomed twins, a daughter, Molly, and a son, Charles, in January 2018.

Audrey and CHRIS HANSON welcomed twins, a daughter, Krista Hannah, and a son, Hans Bob, in September 2018.

Haritha and COLLIN SCHULTZ welcomed twins, a daughter, Eileen, and a son, Robert, born in March 2018, adopted in September 2018.

We are pleased to announce Dr. Jenifer K. Ward as the 11th president of Luther College! For more information about President-elect Ward, visit

As you may remember from your Fall 2018 Class Agent letter, Luther has recently completed an extensive brand strategy research process.


As a result of our research and in collaboration with members of the Luther community, we have developed several statements that will guide future communications.

We know that you, our alumni, are often asked about your alma mater. What you say to prospective students and their families about Luther College can have a huge impact on their decisions to visit campus, apply and, hopefully, enroll.

You know Luther well. You matter to us and we’re interested in hearing from you.

We invite you to take a few minutes to preview some of our new statements and share your thoughts. The example statements, as well as a response survey, are available online:

Many thanks!

If you have any questions please email Catherine Dyer, Brand and Marketing Director at [email protected]