Class of 2002 Fall 2019 Letter

Fall 2019

Dear Class of 2002 Alumni,

The fall always seems to be a fun season of change around our house and outside.  We move from lazy summer routines back into the exciting and fast-paced school routines as we watch the daylight hours fade away and the bright green grasses and prairie colors fade into the golds, oranges, and reds of the fall.  How have you been able to spend your time this summer? Have you been able to spend some time with friends and family? Have you been able to take advantage of some of the Luther Alumni experiences or do you have some upcoming events planned?  We’ve been lucky to get a couple of trips back to Decorah to enjoy hikes, pizza, and, of course, Whippy Dip ice cream. It’s also been fun to share these experiences with not only our children but now the children of our friends and co-workers who are calling Luther home.

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