Class of 1998 Fall 2019 Letter

Fall 2019 

Hello Friends- 

It was just a year ago we gathered for our reunion.  Honestly, it seemed perfectly normal.  Even though it had been 20 years since we graduated, it just didn’t seem that long ago.  Well, my “holy crap, I’m old” moment finally arrived. In mid-August, my family and I spent several days camping in Decorah.  As we wandered around campus, it seemed to me there were an awful lot of students around for summer.  Then it occurred to me those students were on campus because fall sports practices had already begun.  I was happily reminiscing about those early days on campus - glorious days with no concerns but practice and bonding with teammates - when I slowly came to a stop and the cheer drained from my demeanor.  Gradually, a terrifying reality dawned on me. Whereas our 20-year reunion left me unfazed, I was somehow knocked completely off-center by the realization I was there almost exactly 25 years ago to the day that many of us first set foot on campus to begin our Luther experience.  Utterly shaken, I resumed my walk at a reduced pace more befitting a man of my advanced years, and spent the rest of the visit yelling at kids to get off the Library Lawn.  In related news, you can now reach me at [email protected] 

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