Class of 1996 Fall 2019 Letter

Fall 2019

Dear Class of 1996 Alumni,

I’m thinking of the our new President Ward’s words, “Being both grounded in Decorah, Iowa with a face to the world” right now.  I still think of Luther when I think of where my closest friendships and the depth of my love of music were developed.  I still have the opportunity to spend time at Luther every now and then and I still enjoy reminiscing about the Whippy Dip and Mabe’s, but when I really think about Luther, those were not really where I spent any time.  I spent my time in Valders, bent over a book or sitting in a lab.  I spent my time in Jenson, in a room by myself or in a room with lots of people.  I spent my time going to and from the Caf.  I spent my time in Larsen, Main, and the CFL.  Those are the places where my face spent most of its time at Luther.  And now, even more than 20 years later, my face still carries Luther with me.  I don’t have children of my own, but the children of my friends are beginning to look at Luther as they consider their college experience.  I hope that they will find the same kind of grounding experience I had in 1996 from 2019 Luther of today and will choose to put their faces there.

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