Class of 1991 Fall 2019 Letter

Fall 2019

Dear Class of 1991 Alumni,

As many of us turned 50 in the past year, it’s often a time one reflects on his/her first five decades of life.  Memories of childhood, high school years, LUTHER COLLEGE years, beginning careers, attending grad school, starting families, changing careers, and watching families grow and change. Many of us now have children who are in college and some children are following in their parent’s footsteps by attending our alma mater! My fellow class agents, Janet and Kory, both have daughters attending college, and one is proudly wearing Luther blue. My daughter is only five but perhaps she, too, will be checking her SPO and hanging out in the Caf in the future. As I reflect upon these past decades, I am filled with pride and gratitude for my four years at Luther College.  It prepared me to be career-ready, it molded me into an independent thinker and problem-solver, it influenced my choices to be a contributing member of society, and it provided me with a top-notch liberal arts education.  THANK YOU, LUTHER COLLEGE!

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