Class of 1982 Fall 2019 Letter

Fall 2019

Dear Classmate,

First off, a very big THANK YOU goes out to Katie Hansen for doing an exceptional job for this class for the last 27 years.  That is a half a lifetime ago!

But don't stop believin’! Riding in on a horse with no name, it is I, the Headless Norseman!  I'd like to try something a little different so just bear with me. First off, before I get caught up in you, please understand that I may not be politically correct, or may not use your married name.  Even though it is hard to say I'm sorry, I apologize, I'm headless. In no way am I trying to offend anyone at any time.  I am trying to evoke memories. Great memories from our past. I will also leave subtle hints as to who I am.  If you would like to guess, please send your response along with a brief memory of your time at Luther so I can share.  It can be just a sentence like, "I loved going to Happy Joe’s and getting the Happy Joe’s Special (Canadian bacon and sauerkraut)  And no, the sauerkraut was not made in Professor Tjostem’s microbiology class.  And who could forget that and making cheese! This goes for anyone that is mentioned in this article as well. If you respond, you will be sent a gift for your participation. Now, please close your eyes and let yourself drift back.  Hold it. You can't drift with your eyes not being able to read this. Okay, leave them just slightly closed then. Squint, if you will.

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