Class of 1964 Fall 2019 Letter

Fall 2019 

Greetings Luther College Class of 1964, 

By the time you receive this letter, sometime after October 15, we classmates will have celebrated our 55th Homecoming Reunion weekend October 4-6. I hope you were able to join our classmates in celebration of our 1964 graduation and that you had a great time reviving memories and escapades of long ago, that you truly enjoyed seeing the five-decades-later versions of classmates, and that you realize, as we get along down the path of life, these reunions offer a vital opportunity to reconnect and realize that what we experienced together in those long ago years ending in ‘64 truly were special! We are indeed blessed to have an Alumni Staff that works to make sure each one of us have this opportunity. So a hearty Tip of the Hat to all in the Alumni Office who helped make these experiences possible! 

Ann Upton, Annie to those who knew her best, wife of classmate Bill Upton, graduated one more time, this time all the way to heaven! Bill found Annie, a true brit, in Africa! Both had joined the Peace Corps in the mid-sixties. After moving around a few years, they settled in Oregon and started a family, two sons. Both Annie and Bill were educators. Annie was awarded a masters degree in Special Education, which became her passion. Over the decades she built a reputation as the ‘go to’ person. Even after retiring, she was often recruited as a consultant. Her compassion for the educationally needy was second only to her three boyz’ well being…two sons and BILL! Annie is one of the Master’s masterpieces. We got to know her well over the last twenty years of annual gatherings of alumni. If you want to know what she was like, open your Bible, turn to Galatians 5:22-23. Yes, those are the fruits of the Spirit Annie strove to live by. Most often she was successful. She will be missed! Donations in her name can be made to American Cancer Society – 330 SW Curry St. - Portland, OR 97239. 

Linda and I never tire of promoting the Class of 1964 scholarship. There have been many outstanding recipients over the years. This is a great way to make the LC experience a little less financially stressful for a deserving student. I am amazed each and every time we return to campus to find that the typical student is not that much different than we were when it comes to gratitude, appreciation, demeanor, friendliness, and commitment. Our Admissions Office does an excellent job of selecting students. The LC campus is nothing like the ones the evening news organizations choose to feature on their daily broadcasts. If one didn’t know anything else you’d believe that our country’s college students were severely lacking in respect for the qualities of their parents and grandparents. Qualities that mirrored what God’s Word calls forth from all peoples. Surely this kind of education is worth supporting. If you aren’t already giving a portion of your LC support to the scholarship fund, perhaps you’d consider amending it? 

Another LC Athletic Legend has recently graduated to the heavenly gridiron. John Bruemmer, Class of ‘53 was promoted on July 6! John was a distinguished football athlete, who, according to famed Norse coach, Edsel Schweizer, was the best center he’d ever coached! After graduating, John taught and coached high school before returning to LC as an assistant football coach and eventually became LC’s Business Manager and College Treasurer. That’s what he did the whole time our class was at Luther. As a center myself, one of the first people I met upon reporting for summer football practice was Boom-Boom, a nickname someone tagged John with due to his size and booming voice. He immediately began coaching me up. That’s the way it was to be for the next four years. He was exceptionally passionate about football and I was fortunate to be a football player during those four years. You may remember that we had some great teams then. If I’m not mistaken we only lost six games in those four years. And, we were undefeated in the 1963 season! Boom-Boom had a lot to do with that record. But he was a lot more man than just a football coach and Business Administrator. He was a family man, husband, and father, helping his wife, Jean, raise their six children; all but one of whom graduated from LC. Generous beyond humility, he supported many causes, especially helping needy students. He was a consistent benefactor of LC. John, we sorely miss you, your kind and generous spirit...Rest In Peace! 

What would a 1964 Class Agent’s letter be without a toot for the upcoming 15th Kent Finanger Golf Classic! This year’s version will take place in Goodyear, Ariz. March 20-21, 2020. Most alumni don’t know that this is so much more than just a golf tournament. In fact, I’ve been informed that it’s the largest social gathering of LC alumni outside Winneshiek County, Iowa! Participants do not even have to play golf to enjoy the event. However, one should like to enjoy good food as there are three awesome meals. And, one should enjoy being in good Norse company and conversation. One should enjoy spending money on really good raffles and merchandise. It’s more like a grand two-day Norse party! It is well worth making an effort to attend, especially if by March 20-21 if you’re really tired of winter! If you’re interested in attending, be on the lookout for the email announcements starting about December, 2019. All the proceeds (about $150k so far) go to support the Norse Athletic Association! 

That just about does it for this Fall 2019 version of our Class Letter. We’re sorry that it doesn’t have more about you all. But, this time we weren’t given much information to work with. I’m pretty sure that most of you are active and enjoying life, doing interesting things that your classmates might like to know about. So, please let us know what’s going on in your part of the world, or remembrances, or gratitudes, or comments and we will pass them along.

You can email us at [email protected] or text or call us at 608-393-2206. 

Until Next Time...Soli Deo Gloria!

Steve & Linda Messer

1964 Class Agents
15995 W. Mesquite Court
Surprise, AZ 85374-2009
608-393-2206 (Steve); 608-393-9035 (Linda)
[email protected]; [email protected]


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