Class of 1954 Fall 2019 Letter

Fall 219

Dear Classmate,

I am sitting at my desk in our unit of Trillium Woods Life Care Center in Plymouth, Minn., and looking out the window to see a cloudy day with a strong wind and thinking to myself, “The fall season is upon us. I better get ready for snow, cold, and the long winter season!!! Then I was reminded of the fall seasons back in the early 1950s, when Luther College hosted a home football game. A time in the history of Luther College when everyone attended the football game, the choir concert, chapel time, and/or the presentation of a guest speaker. All of us were of that generation and thankful we were! That reminded me of our grand, old C.K. Preus Gymnasium in the center of the Luther College campus. Wow!!! What a glorious memory.

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