Class of 2014 Spring 2017 Letter

Spring 2017

Dear Members of the Class of 2014,

Greetings from Luther and happy spring semester! As we write to you today in late March, Luther students are enjoying the last few days of spring break. Earlier this month, the Development Office participated in Luther’s second annual Giving Day on March 9, which proved to be a fun day of sharing Luther love all over social media and raising money for the Annual Fund. More than $500,000 was raised that day; thank you to all who made gifts!

You probably heard the news about our beloved Weston Noble ’43, who died Dec. 21, 2016.  A celebration of his life will be held on campus at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 13, at the Center for Faith and Life, Main Hall.  More details about Weston’s life can be found in the Winter 2017 issue of the Luther Alumni Magazine and on Luther’s website.

While we’re on the subject of music, it was announced in January that Andrew Last ’97, assistant professor of music and conductor of Collegiate Chorale and Norsemen, has been appointed to the post of Nordic Choir conductor and director of choral activities at Luther. He will begin his new duties at the beginning of the 2017 fall semester.

You can read more about Andrew Last on Luther’s website, and you can find lots more as well, including students’ J-term course blogs and other course blogs, Alumni Office travel tours and events, links to alumni profiles, comparisons and rankings, life after Luther, etc. It’s easy to find web content that interests you at by clicking the search button next to the “info for” drop-down box at the top right of the page. Type in the word “news,” click on the search button, and you’ll get all of the Luther news, for your reading pleasure.

Attached to this letter is the list of all who made gifts to Luther in calendar year 2016. Thank you for your generosity! Did you know you can sign up for monthly giving to Luther? It’s a great way to ensure a gift is made each year. Those who make a gift at any level for three or more consecutive years become members of Luther’s Loyalty Society. Visit for more details. Regular giving to Luther is a great habit to cultivate!

Do you have memories of past Luther experiences you’d like to share? We’re sure our classmates would enjoy reading about them; send us your stories!

We’ll write again in the fall,

Logan Hjerleid,                Taylor (Johnson) Ledvina, and Samuel Molzahn   
[email protected]        [email protected]                [email protected]


Jessa Anderson-Reitz is a financial coach and referral administrator for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity in St. Paul, Minn.

Erik Bay of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a volunteer for the ELCA.

David Baxter is choir director at Newton (Iowa) High School.

Dan Blattner of Oakdale, Minn., is a corporate auditor at 3M.

Katie Gaudian earned a master’s degree in health administration from the University of Iowa. She is an administrative fellow at Hospital Sisters Health System in Springfield, Ill.

Stephanie Lake is office manager for Behavior Care Specialists in Mitchell, S.D.

Jessica Larson earned a master’s degree in therapeutic recreation from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and passed the national exam to become a certified therapeutic recreation specialist. She is the program director at Joy Ranch in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Taylor (Johnson) Ledvina is wellness coordinator at Mathy Construction Company in Onalaska, Wis.

Brita Moore of Rochester, Minn., is a reporter for the Post-Bulletin’s weekly farm publication, Agri News.

Chris Norton presented “Inspiring Others to Overcome Adversity” last October at the Cedar Valley Iowa Realty Auction House in Decorah.

Lillianna Petsch-Horvath is the registrar at Milwaukee Ballet School and Academy.

Christina Scharmer is a teaching assistant for health psychology at the University at Albany in N.Y.

Marissa Schuh of Adrian, Mich., is a vegetable educator in agriculture and agribusiness for Michigan State University Extension.



TAYLOR JOHNSON and Ryan Ledvina, May 29, 2016


SAMUEL MOLZAHN and Rebecca Rouse, Oct. 22, 2016


ASHLEY URSPRINGER and Fañch Guillou, Aug. 20, 2016

The Annual Fund – make your gift today:
Your gift. Put to work, right away, where it is needed most.

Last year more than 10,000 alumni, family, and friends supported Luther’s Annual Fund with gifts from $5 to $100,000. Your gift makes a difference for each and every student at Luther, and we are grateful for your support.


This list includes all gifts received January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016. Making a gift each and every year is an investment in the lives of Luther students and a show of support for the Luther College community. Thank you for your support of Luther College through your giving.

Caitlyn Anderson
Jessa Anderson-Reitz
Anna Arbisi
Zachary Aschim
Caitlin Auer
Matthew Axelrod
David Baxter
Erik Bay
Hans Becklin
Marissa (Dienst) Becklin
Ellen Behrens
Daniel Blattner
Matthias Broner
Ella Carlson
Adelmo Ciucci
Erin Connolly
Nathan Converse
Samantha Cuvelier
Madeline Davidson
Karen Davison
Alexis Dorschner
Hans Dosland
Lauren (Meintsma) Dosland
Meredith Doyle
Rebecca Dugdale
Rachel Duncan
Krista (Herrling) Dybdahl
Stuart Dybdahl
Maria Ellingson
Solveig Entwistle
Paul Esker
Patrick Fagan
Hannah Fetty
Kristen Flak
William Foley
Aaron Ford
Amy Freitag
Daniel Gallagher
Joel Gasway
Katharine Gaudian
Christopher George
Allison Gieswein
Rebecca Girvan
Amy Gluth
Chloe Gumpert
Kelsey Gunderson
Jonathan Hagen
Chelsea Hall
Luke Hanson
Crystal Harrell
Will Harren
Samuel Hedrick
Amy Hermeier
Catherine (Gehlsen) Hillestad
Isaac Hitz Graff
Micayla Irmiter
Nicholas Jazdzewski
Jordan Jensen
Megan Kresse
Libby Kropp
Terra Kruger
Victoria LaCroix
Jessica Larson
Meghan (Kaufenberg) Larson
William Leafblad
Taylor (Johnson) Ledvina
Aimee Lenth
Clara Lind
Emma Lofthus
Callie Mabry
Samuel Matheson
Lauren Maze
Sarah McRoberts
Katherine Mohr
Samuel Molzahn
Kali Montgomery
Brita Moore
Kendra Moser
Jonathan Nerdig
Anders Nilsen
Sarah Nolte
Joseph Novak
Marin Nycklemoe
Katrina Okerstrom
Mitchell Patrikus
Austen Perry
Andrew Peter
Jaimie Rasmussen
Alexandra Robinson
Rebecca Rudquist
Jenny Rustad
Erik Sand
Naomi Sandgren
Marissa Satern
Erin Schmidt
Jacob Schnabel
Marissa Schuh
Anna (Murray) Schwering
Lance Schwering
Lauren Schwitters
Alexander Sievers
Katherine Splean
Jamison Stallman
Rachel Stenhaug
Peter Storvick
Michelle Strafelda
Katherine Stremel
Maria Streyle
Kelsi Swanson
Erik Tingelstad
Andrew Turnacliff
Keni Ukabiala
Jennifer Vaith
Emily Vander Stel
Richard Vickers
Samuel Wettach
Brian Witte
Mitchell Wood
Rachel Woolsey
Matthew Yan
Samuel Zook

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error has been made, please accept our apology and contact the Luther Development Office at 800-225-8664, or email [email protected].