Class of 2010 Fall 2018 Letter

Fall 2018

Dear Classmates of 2010!

At certain moments, it feels like we just graduated, but other days Luther feels a world away.  For Mark and I, this time of year reminds me of welcoming our first Luther baby last year - Will Mateski - class of 2039!  It seems to be that time where several other of our classmates are having Luther babies of their own. In the last few years (Jake and Melanie Reitz (Massnick), Andrew and Rachel Dyrdal (Barkel), Clara Kienitz (Bailey-Hugill), and Stephanie Lantry (Lundby), all welcomed future Norse, just to name a few.  It seems I could fill the letter with baby announcements, but thankfully for you, Mark and Bobby won’t let me.  It’s hard to believe someday, these babies will be headed off to school - hopefully Luther!  Babies, marriages, homes, new jobs, or travels, it’s so crazy to step back and think how far we’ve all come since our first trip to Luther. 

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