Class of 2008 Spring 2017 Letter

Spring 2017

Hello, Class of 2008,

Cale Nelson here. It really feels like this year has been flying by. It could partly be the unseasonably warm weather we have been getting lately that is making me feel like it is already spring (as I write this in mid-February), or the fact that I have been kept busy with wedding planning and other goings-on in my life that has made one day blend into the next at times.

Speaking of time flying by, can anyone believe our 10-year reunion is right around the corner? Historically, the 10-year reunion has tended to have the largest attendance, so hopefully we can continue that trend with our class next year. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Of course, any chance to go back to Luther is great, but to be able to see a lot of fellow classmates I haven’t seen in a long time will take on an extra special meaning. Homecoming 2018 is October 26-28.

I did have the opportunity to go see the “Martin Luther: Art of the Reformation” exhibit that came to the Minneapolis Institute of Art at the end of last year and into the beginning of this year. Luther held an evening event on the night I went and it was a lot of fun. The exhibit took on an extra level of meaning to me as I was raised Lutheran, and I had the opportunity to visit some of the locations important to Martin Luther’s life while I studied abroad during college. Luther is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this year with several events on campus. Definitely check those out if you have the opportunity. You can check the Luther College website for more details.

It wouldn’t be a class agent letter without notes about a few ways for you to get involved and/or give back. There are many events that are held for alumni. Information can be found in the Alumni Events section of the Luther College website.

Also, on the alumni page, you can update your information with Luther to make sure we can reach you for our 10-year anniversary! Did you know that the Luther Alumni Magazine is also available digitally? You can find the current issue, the archive, and content submission information at the following link:  

There are many ways to get involved, including helping out with Luther’s internship program. You can find out more information and the link to register to host an intern over the summer by visiting the Career Center website and clicking on the Internship and Summer Options link on the left-hand side of the page.

Another way you can help out Luther is to set up a recurring gift in five minutes or less. The fastest and easiest way to give to Luther each year is to sign up for recurring giving at We’re not exactly sure when this letter will hit your mailbox, but our guess is taxes will be on the brain. Gifts to Luther are tax deductible.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Cale Nelson,                           Sarah Carnes,           and               Ashley Solsrud-Beckman

[email protected]         [email protected]         [email protected]


Alyssa Cheadle is assistant professor of psychology at Hope College in Holland, Mich.

Kacie (Clement) Garver is a medical, surgical, and pediatric registered nurse at Boone (Iowa) County Hospital.

Tyler Hendrickson of Iowa City, Iowa, was selected to present “Enabling Community: Creating Pianists with Great Ensemble Skills” at the 16th Biennial Conference of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Hannah (Huinker) Schroeher
is a licensed independent social worker at Winneshiek Medical Center in Decorah.

Katelin Wangberg is a news producer at KIRO 7, Cox Media Group in Seattle.

Jared Wiklund is public relations manager for Pheasants Forever, the upland conservation group based in St. Paul, Minn.


SPENCER KNAPP and Elizabeth Ygartua, Oct. 22, 2016


PAIGE (BRANT) '07 and PATRICK BURZLAFF welcomed a daughter, Penny, in June 2016. Penny joins sister Nora.

LIZ (HANSEN) '09 and STEVE COX welcomed a son, Carter Timothy, in November 2016.

KACIE (CLEMENT) and Michael Garver welcomed a daughter, Margaret Camille, in April 2015. Margaret joins sister Olivia.

AMELIA (LARSON) and Zachary Harless welcomed a daughter, Ava Lynn, in August 2016. Ava joins brother Hayden.

LINDSAY (NORLAND) and Aaron Johnson welcomed a son, Ethan Thomas, in August 2016. Ethan joins sister Ella.

KATE (PATTERSON) '11 and REID MASON welcomed a daughter, Madelyn Alyse, in September 2016.

ANDREA (HOEKSEMA) and Benjamin Tigges welcomed a son, Eli Joseph, in May 2016. Eli joins brother Noah.

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This list includes all gifts received January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016. Making a gift each and every year is an investment in the lives of Luther students and a show of support for the Luther College community. Thank you for your support of Luther College through your giving.

Kelli (Easley) Africh
Paige (Richards) Albjerg
Karl Amlie
Katherine Andersen
Britta Anderson
Peter Anhalt
Sarah (Vail) Antonello
Christopher Arp
Andrew Bailey
Stephen Bailey
Katherine Benedix
Katherine Benson
Lindsey (Bulger) Bina
Julia Blackmore
Katherine (Grado) Booth
Laura (Fritz) Bouska
Katherine (Shaw) Brandt
Anthony Brantner
Jamie (Newman) Brantner
Patrick Burzlaff
Lisa (Savre) Busche
Sarah Carnes
Nina Catterall
Alyssa Cheadle
Elizabeth (Goskesen) Christensen
Amy Christenson
Elisabeth (Kline) Christopherson
Jake Christopherson
Gregory Cochrane
Laura (Anderson) Cochrane
Theresa (Putnam) Cody
Laura (Johnson) Cox
Matthew Cox
Stephen Cox
Megan (Stoner) Crosby
Tyler Danielson
Marcus Davis
Sarah Denkinger
Hilary (Young) Dolan
Kathleen (Lunsford) Durbin
Christa Fiedler
Ryan Fordice
Whittney (Nordmeyer) Franke
Alison (Blenka) Froisland
Christopher Froisland
Heather (Elwood) Gierut
Travis Grawin
Kathleen (Curran) Hallman
Katy (Fiedler) Hammel
Paula Hardie
Sadie Hemmerich
Melissa Hunter
Erik Iverson
Chandra (Skinner) Jennings
Scott Jennings
Grady Jensen
Lindsay (Norland) Johnson
Bridget Keane
Craig Keisler
Jamie (Huibregtse) Keisler
Philip Knuth
Elizabeth Koenig
Stacy (Malecha) Kowitz
Andrea Kruse
Eric Layden
Kalli Ledel
Daniel Lee
Carol (Reece) Ludeking
Leif Madsen
Tami Magner
Michael Marquardt
Rachel (Donahoe) Marquardt
Reid Mason
Kjersten Mathsen
Daniel McAdam
Paul McAndrew
Tara Meade
Elizabeth (Gilbertson) Meehan
Laurie Meinholz
Eric Meyer
John Meyer
Charles Moe
Eda (Morsch) Morlock
Lydia (Haug) Muehrer
Karoline Myers
Bradley Nelson
Cale Nelson
Kelsey (O'Connell) Nelson
Kyle Nelson
Justine (Allen) Nordick
Aaron Nyquist
Andrew Odean
David Osthus
Emily (Bakke) Owens
Michael Owens
Marie Palmquist
Bryan Perrott
Eli Pollock
David Quam
Anthony Rangel
Jenessa (Bonikowske) Reid
Kristin Reitz
Benjamin Reynolds
Rachel (Durst) Riesgraf
Nora (Haupt) Robinson
Kelly Rodger
Brian Rouse
Julia (Stuebner-Holt) Salzman
Claire Schreiber
Joel Schrock
Hannah (Huinker) Schroeher
John Schroeher
Ryan Schultz
Allison (Bouslog) Seeley
Nicolas Seeley
Jennifer (Lambrecht) Silverman
Benjamin Skutnik
Andrew Smeby
Kaitlyn (Myers) Smith
Luke Sodergren
Ashley Solsrud-Beckman
Samuel Solsrud-Beckman
Ross Stedman
Kristen (Learman) Stengl
Andrew Stenson
Danielle (Knealing) Swanson
Andrea (Hoeksema) Tigges
Christina (Douglas) Torres
Gavin Tugana
Laura (Monson) Vanden Heuvel
Kaitlyn Vaske-Wright
Denise Warner
Sebrinia (Madsen) Welch
Sara Wenzel
Carl Westphal
Brianna (Helland) Weyers
Samuel Weyers
Lana Wicks McDermott
David Williams
Rebecca (Stiger) Williams
Phillip Worden
Seth Worthington
Aaron Zutz

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error has been made, please accept our apology and contact the Luther Development Office at 800-225-8664, or email [email protected].