Class of 2004 Fall 2017 Letter

Fall 2017

Dear Fellow Members of the Class of 2004,

We have been blessed in so many ways. As time passes, we love to see how all of our friends from Luther are growing and prospering. We especially love to see growing families, perhaps because we are on the brink of welcoming our own little bundle of joy. We have already made plans to visit Luther with our child and get her indoctrinated as soon as possible. In the coming years we look forward to reconnecting with many of you, and perhaps we might run into each other moving our kids into Brandt, Ylvisaker, or Olson in about 18 years. I still remember the day when my mom (class of 1969) dropped me off at Ylvisaker on a hot, sunny August day in the year 2000 with her freshman roommate (now neighbors and life-long friends for 50 years). Now when we return for our 15-year reunion, she will be celebrating 50 years with her classmates! Several other students, including some in our class, may have similar experiences since a number of students have parents and even some grandparents who also are alumni.

We are excited about the possibility of our child becoming a third-generation Luther grad because Luther College never ceases to amaze us. As many of you know, we have very generous alumni who are dedicated to ensuring Luther remains one of the best small, liberal arts colleges in the nation. So many of us stepped forward this past spring to support Luther’s second annual Giving Day. It was great to see the friendly competition among communities of Luther alumni and work to meet giving challenges.

If we want Luther College to be a place where our kids can have a similar if not better education and experience, then we all need to step up our giving to help future students benefit from our contributions. If it weren’t for the contributions of those who came before us, we would not have the Luther that we call home. Just think of what can be accomplished in a single day when our collective efforts are combined. Luther alumni collectively gave over $500,000 in one day last spring. Many of these gifts were examoles of alumni giving $5 here or $10 there toward a collective challenge. Every little bit helps; even if you have not given before, a small contribution by many can add up. We ask that you consider today what you can give, no matter the amount, to help Luther sustain its high standards of education and vocation.

We are confident the class of 2004 will rise to the challenge.

Soli Deo Gloria!

David and Rachel Miller-Bleich
240-353-0957 (R)
[email protected]; [email protected]


Sara Bradley teaches 7th – 12th grade health and physical education for the Campbellsport (Wis.) School District.

Jon Butler is broker of record and managing director at Teles Properties in Pasadena, Calif.

Leah Campbell of South Bend, Ind., is senior research scientist at University of Notre Dame.

Ryan Goessl of Seoul, South Korea, is executive and artistic director of Camarata Music, which features four choirs, an orchestra, and jazz band, and has 75 countries represented. He was given an award from the Itaewon News for dedication to choral music, and was also recognized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for his commitment to the choral arts.

Berit Griffin is senior public relations specialist at Travel Leaders Group in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Sabrina (Johnson) Hemmerling is a pharmacy technician instructor at Saint Paul (Minn.) College.

Josh Larson is a general surgeon at St. Luke’s Surgical Associates in Duluth, Minn.

Andy Meyer teaches humanities at the Northwest School in Seattle.

Krissy (Kelly) Moore is community program director at the YMCA in Prior Lake, Minn.

Mary Neff is a licensed clinical psychologist and clinic director at North Shore Psychotherapy Associates, and an associate faculty member at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology in Milwaukee.

Chris Nelson is director of development and operations at Traust Consulting, Inc., in Bloomington, Minn.

Emily (Knuth) Stork is vice president, general counsel, at Bankers Trust Company in Des Moines, Iowa.

Emily (Lukasek) Strong is the supervisor for the Business Relationships Team for the State of Minnesota in St. Paul, Minn.

Thomas Velishek is the human resources manager for Certified Restoration, Ltd., in Huron, Ohio.

Trenton Williams earned a specialist in education degree from Drake University; he is the dean of students at Jackson Elementary School for the Des Moines (Iowa) Public Schools.


KRISSY KELLY and Matt Moore, April 23, 2016

LEAH KNOEPFEL and Christopher Clark, April 23, 2016

KJERSTIN WEPKING and Brian Kibaalya Mukolwe, April 30, 2016


ERIN (STOKES) ‘05 and BOB BOERSCHEL welcomed a son, Caleb, in May 2011, and a son, Derek, in December 2013.

Miranda and JON BUTLER welcomed a daughter, Marigold, in April 2016.

JOLENE (HERMES) and MATHIAS DAGUE '05 welcomed a daughter, Evelyn, in August 2015, and a son, Elliott, in March 2017.

Mandi and JOEL HOLLENBECK welcomed a son, Max Ryan, in October 2016.

KJERSTIN (WEPKING) and Brian Kibaalya welcomed a son, Christopher Joseph, in February 2017.

ELISA (FALK) and JUSTIN KNOEPFEL welcomed a daughter, Lauryn Elise, in October 2016.

KATIE (BUTLER) '05 and LEVI LIVINGOOD welcomed a son, Owen Patrick, in February 2017.

KARI (PETERSON) and EVAN NELSON welcomed a daughter, Anna Caroline, in May 2016.

JESSICA (JANSEN) and Mike Nicoletti welcomed a son, Monroe, in July 2016.

KELSEY (RESS) '03 and PHILLIP PAPPANO welcomed a son, Owen, in October 2015.

MELISSA (GARBRECHT) '05 and JUSTIN PIEPER welcomed a son, Isaac Luke, in April 2016.

ERICA (WANLESS) and Scott Rheinschmidt welcomed a son, Jackson, in February 2015.

BECCA (BELLIN) and MATT RICHARDSON welcomed a son, Jonah Gerald, in February 2017.

JILL (BURKE) '06 and DAN RING welcomed a daughter, Macy Erica, in October 2016.

MANDY HENDERSON and DAVE ROWLEY '05 welcomed a daughter, Mary Sigrid, in February 2017.

TERYL (PRICE) and JAMES RUSSELL '02 welcomed a son, Kai Anders, in March 2016.

BECCA (HOEL) and Stuart Sedlak welcomed twin sons, Milo Joseph and Oscar Stuart, in May 2017.

KATHERINE (ITES) and Ben Wacker welcomed a daughter, Nora, in June 2015.

Rachel and THOMAS VELISHEK welcomed a son, Pierce Neil, in March 2014.