Class of 2002 Fall 2018 Letter

Fall 2018                                                                          

Dear 2002 Classmate,

Hope that you all enjoyed this wonderfully warm summer and start to fall after the long winter we had.  The warm weather also reminds me of the adventures had while trying to move into dorm rooms with limited air conditioning.  This makes me think of the new and returning students heading back to campus this year. In August, the college welcomed 575 new students to campus. Over the summer, they read a book that many Luther grads will remember from Paideia: The Odyssey. This year’s edition comes with a twist: it’s the first English translation by a woman, Emily Wilson, and by all accounts it’s a vivid, engaging, and sprightly retelling of the classic homecoming story. If you’re up for a return to your Paideia roots, you can join the fun through Luther’s reading guide to the book:  luther.edu/paideia/program/summer-reading/the-odyssey.

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