Class of 1996 Fall 2017 Letter

Fall 2017

Getting People to Do Something They’re Not Sure They Want to Do

I am a teacher of children. I am a teacher of children who don’t always want to do what my administration and the world has deemed as the subject matter for the day.  And so as I look at the list of those of you who are thinking about giving—or not giving to—Luther this year I just want to say, “Try it!  You’ll like it!”  Giving to Luther makes me a part of the bigger things that I cannot do on my own.   can read the alumni articles and stories on current students, and know that I am a part of that.  

If you’re a Broadway fan, you may have a tune from The Last Five Years, “I’m a Part of That” wandering through your brain right now. I hope you do.  By making our gifts in support of current and future students, we encourage and honor the wandering and wondering that we started so many years ago. And my students? They wonder. They wonder if they want to take the risks; they wonder if they can rise to the challenges that teachers (and life!) will put in front of them.  The answer, of course, is yes. You can make a difference. You can be part of something you haven’t been a part of before. Please consider becoming a donor to the future of Luther.  

Soli Deo Gloria!

Ami Hall

1996 Class Agents:

Ami (Shoup) Hall
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Jessica (Kettles) Pearson
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Andy Sassaman
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Nikki (Flitter) Foster of Brooklyn Park, Minn., presented to the Minnesota Legislature at the State Capitol about her struggles with multiple sclerosis (MS) and insurance coverage. She has recently been diagnosed with MS and is advocating for protections for those who have these pre-existing conditions.

Elvia (Castillo) Pace is a management analyst-family and community at Head Start in San Antonio, Texas.

Kate (Glenney) Watts earned a master’s degree in nursing from Texas Christian University and is a clinical nurse leader on the oncology unit at Texas Health Resources in Fort Worth.