Class of 1993 Spring 2017 Letter

Spring 2017                              

Dear Members of the Class of 1993,

When I was an incoming first-year student at Luther College, like so many of you, I auditioned for a spot in Pike Kor. That summer of 1989 had ended on a sad note for me, as my own beloved high school vocal music teacher had just passed away in his mid-40s. Nonetheless, I prepared for auditions, flanked by other nervous first-year students. The conductor asked each of us our name and our high school. When I told him, “Joellyn Kilburn—West Des Moines Valley High School,” he stopped the auditions entirely, looked me in the eye and said, softly, “This must be a very sad time for you.” The conductor was Weston Noble ’43, who was one of my high school teacher’s heroes. The fact that Mr. Noble knew Mr. Clark personally and cared enough to pause and reflect went straight to my heart. It was a moment I haven’t forgotten, nearly 30 years later.

I would venture to say that most, if not all, of you have some sort of memory created by Mr. Noble. Whether you sang, played an instrument, participated in Messiah, went to Christmas at Luther, or cheered on friends from the seats of the CFL—it is likely he made lasting memories for you, too, that are now woven into the fabric of your Luther experience. Upon his passing on December 21, 2016, at age 94, he left behind an indelible legacy on our school and community.

On the topic of creating a legacy for our school, the second annual Luther Giving Day event took place on March 9, 2017. The event was a great success, raising more than $500,000 for the Annual Fund. I hope that you had fun, as I did, taking part in the different online and social media challenges. Who would have thought back in the 90s, when we sat in the basement of the CFL and made Phonathon calls, this would be the way of fundraising in the year 2017?

Shout out to our classmate, Mark Bjerke, on the success of the Pulpit Rock brewery right in our home-away-from-home, Decorah! I’m looking forward to stopping in on our next visit. It will be good to try a beer for the first time, since we never did in college…

Wishing you all a blessed Easter and fun-filled summer ahead. 

Joellyn Veninga               and               David Schifsky
[email protected]                 [email protected]


Anjie Shutts of Des Moines, Iowa, is vice chair of the Iowa Access to Justice Commission.


BETH PRIBBENOW and John Miller, Oct. 25, 2014

The Annual Fund – make your gift today:
Your gift. Put to work, right away, where it is needed most.

Last year more than 10,000 alumni, family, and friends supported Luther’s Annual Fund with gifts from $5 to $100,000. Your gift makes a difference for each and every student at Luther, and we are grateful for your support.

This list includes all gifts received January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016. Making a gift each and every year is an investment in the lives of Luther students and a show of support for the Luther College community. Thank you for your support of Luther College through your giving.

Scott Adkins
Brandon Allard
Laura Anderson Huff
Katherine Baardseth
Andrea Beckendorf
J. Erik Beguin
Benoy Benny
Adam Benson
Merrilyn (Moetsch) Berg
John Bickel
Larisa (Petersen) Bickel
Chad Binder
Kara (Misner) Boese
†Kari Bostrom
Stacy Brass
John Charlson
Janeen (Fowler) Christy
Barbara (Cole) Clements
Jon Clements
Sara (Peterson) Connelly
Thor Davidson
Ajay Dugar
Georgiann Eckheart
Brit (Staven) Eddy
Gregory Ellis
Christopher Engelhardt
Russell Engstler
Sara (Erickson) Engstler
Lee Fleck
Kristine (Felsman) Freiling
William Gertz
Eric Goers
Kerri (Doeden) Goers
Michele (Anderson) Graves
Sarah (Holtz) Gruska
Dana (Berg) Hasenwinkel
Joel Hasenwinkel
Carla (Paulsen) Haugen
John Helberg
Brent Hill
Eric Hougen
Kim (Stoltenberg) Hunwardsen
Jennifer (Sorom) Hynek
Kelly (McGrew) Irlmeier
Beth (Satre) Isaacson
Janelle (Wattermann) Johnson
Joy (Hovick) Kissel
Paula Kostman
Annette Laitinen
Rebecca (Radke) Leach
Joel Lipetzky
Dana (Swanson) Mancuso
Steven Mattson
Chad McShane
Paul Melin
Sara (Vik) Meyer
Todd Michaels
Kimberly (Latzke) Muller
Heidi (Leicht) Naumowicz
Kari (Urevig) Nelson
Katie (Anderson) Ness
Kristine (Korman) Novak
Timothy Nybroten
Maria (Sjosten) Oberg
Jackson Ode
Peter Olson
Scott Omodt
W. Jeffrey Ortman
David Poetker
Vance Prigge
Sherri (Hanson) Reutlinger
Elise (Eklund) Rothfusz
David Schifsky
Brad Schmugge
Kathryn Schrader
Annette (Wiltgen) Schweinefus
Mark Sherman
Anjela Shutts
Karen (Weber) Sims
Bridget (Uffelman) Skaleski
Kari (Van Auken) Stern
Leif Stoa
Ingrid (Hanson) Stukerjurgen
Deborah (Wilkinson) Sundal
Christopher Sundberg
Melissa (Bonikowske) Thomley
Carla (Schneider) Thompson
Karin (Boyce) Valdizan
Joellyn (Kilburn) Veninga
Cecilie (Gruehagen) Waldo
Reed Waldo
Marc Wallman
Jonathan Walsh
Kristin (Aasmundstad) Walsh
Laura (Stevens) Weiss
Kevin West
Heidi (Vrieze) Wilker
Lauren (Eigenfeld) Wrightsman
Susan (Halvorson) Zeller

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error has been made, please accept our apology and contact the Luther Development Office at 800-225-8664, or email [email protected]. (†deceased)